"I have known Steve for over 10 years and he has a great voice! He is such a versatile performer and would provide fantastic entertainment value for any occasion"

Jane Maguire Goble - Company Director and Agent at "The Business Creative"


"entertainment is great, a big shout out to Steve Welsh , you were gr8 at everything you sang , (next time leave your hat on :-P"

mmoyra - Trip Advisor


"Entertainment on most evenings - including a singer/comedian on our last night who made us laugh to the point of tears."

PandaAndRico - Trip Advisor


"Steve Welsh was on one night and was very good. A comedian/singer, really livened the place up - which it needed."

cityman66 - Trip Advisor


"we saw STEVE WELSH here he was amazing - if you get the chance Please, Please do go and see him. We only went for food - and stayed the whole night as we enjoyed hime som much!!!!!!!!!! YAMMAS"

DAWN J - Trip Advisor


"Nightly entertainment was excellant with various outside acts entertaining us in the outside stage area. A special mention must go the Steve Welsh who we managed to see twice during our stay, he was an excellant all round entertainer with his singing and comedy routine."

realplayer - Trip Advisor


"if in the area on a Friday, see Steve Welsh! His cracker style jokes are sooooooo bad they are good, when really he doesn't need to as he can sing anything! We heard Nessom Dorma, then later Gangnam Style!"

Janey185 - Trip Advisor


"There was entertainment most night and some very good tribute and comedy acts. Particularly Steve Welsh...he was hillarious and we had a right old giggle."

trishalisha - Trip Advisor


" 'George Michael Evening' Hilarious. If you think you'll be listening to same old GM songs by yet another tribute act you're so wrong. Not only is the act a brilliant singer and dancer (and does a whole range of songs) but he's also a comedian. Haven't laughed as much for ages. A must night to go to."

mjohnsonma - Trip Advisor


"Entertainment is really funny. There is a man who sings George Michael tributes etc. which is funny he looks nothing like him. He also sings the likes of ice ice baby but really fast which is hysterical. And then at the end he dances to gangnam style in y fronts haha. He really is funny runs in the street dancing etc. it's a bit of light hearted fun and you need a sense of humour to enjoy this."

Cheryl1989 - Trip Advisor


"For us, it was the Mamma Mia and George Michael nights. He guy who did was George Michael was absolutely hilarious, well worth seeing."

U2fan - Trip Advisor

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